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Professional Rug Cleaning Service Fort Worth, Texas.

No one wants to have dirty rugs or furniture lying around their home. It makes the home so unattractive. It can also be very unhealthy. But did you know, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth makes it all easy for you?

With Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth, it's cleaning like never before! Our professional rug cleaning service helps you deal with all the dirt in your rug and even on your furniture. Thanks to our deep rug cleaning service, almost all common household allergens are also removed when we clean the rugs for you.

Our rug cleaning services are certified by the EPA, making it safe for you, your family, pets, and the environment. When you clean your rug with us at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth, you will be getting a cleaner and healthier home.

No two rugs are the same. Therefore, our professional rug cleaning service uses the most effective method to get your rugs clean. Usually, we examine the situation first. Then we try to get the best cleaning method to safely remove dirt and odors from your rugs without leaving behind any residue.

So, the next time you need a professional area rug cleaning service, go for the best rug cleaner!

Contact Sunbird now, the best way to clean a rug.

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The Best Way to Clean a Rug Is Closer Than You Thought!

We offer on-site pricing estimates for your rugs. Call us now and schedule your on-site inspection!

Oriental Rugs and Area Rugs: The Differences in Cleaning Process

Oriental rugs and area rugs are made from different materials, and therefore, their cleaning methods differ. So, to clean your rug, we start with assessment and examination. First, we come around and check the material of the rug. Next, we check the stain to see if they are from spills or foot traffic.

After a thorough assessment, we use a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner to lift the dirt particles from within the rug so its fibers can breathe. Next, we handle the overall cleaning of your rug with a range of our natural cleaning solutions that clean effectively. We are safe enough for humans, pets, and the environment.

We use a particular method for places that are hard to reach, like the fringes and the corners.

Effective and Protective Rug Cleaning in Fort Worth, Texas

Your rug is essential to us. Our professional rug cleaning Fort Worth service ensures that we clean them without damaging the colors or leaving marks behind.

We can do this through the following:

  • Up-to-date Rug Cleaning Technologies

    When we clean your rug, we make it a duty to use the best cleaning equipment to achieve the best results. We are constantly working on innovations on the best rug cleaner technologies. These technologies help us achieve high quality & deliver the best results possible rug cleaning in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Why not call us 817-886-3744 now and schedule your on-site rug inspection!

  • Advanced Pre-Spray Method Breaks Down Soiling

    Before we start cleaning, we apply a special pre-spray treatment to your rug to safely break down and remove the stubborn stains and spills from the rug. Thanks to our unique advanced formula, your rugs will shine brighter, smell fresher, and will dry faster.

  • Remove Embedded Dirt, Allergens, & Bacteria

    Our cleaning solutions help you extract dirt, allergens, soils, and even harmful bacteria embedded in your rug.

  • Eco-friendly products

    All our cleaning solutions are green, safe, and EPA certified. Asides from that, we are conscious of the environment. You can trust us to clean your rugs without leaving any harmful residues behind.

  • Different types of fabric cleaning

    We handle rugs of different materials. Our team of professionals is highly trained to handle area rugs, oriental rugs, and fringed rugs made from silk, wool, synthetic, natural fabric, etc. Our expertise achieves the desired results.

  • Best Rug Cleaner Fort Worth, Texas

    We have a reputation for being the best rug cleaner in Fort Worth, Texas, and we take pride in our work. Our team of highly trained experts is reliable and will arrive at your place to clean your rugs in a friendly manner. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and therefore we'll leave no stone unturned until you are satisfied.

Do not waste any more time! Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Service for a free estimate today!

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